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State-to-State Collaboration on the Docket

Festivities start tomorrow (I managed a quick foot tour of Chicago), but we do have an agenda and the general outline of what is to come over the next two days.  One of the most exciting parts in the agenda are the different contexts of collaboration-state team work, state-state team work around subject area (Massachusetts is paired with Maryland and New Jersey), and groupings around grade level (elementary, middle, and high).  Pics of the agenda are below:

View this document on Scribd

One more initial thing of note is PARCC’s Goals:  These are six overarching goals that I had not seen before, but are a focused summary of PARCC.

1.  Create high-quality assessments

  • Determine whether students are college and career ready or on track
  • Assess the full range of the Common Core Standards, including standards that are difficult to measure
  • Measure the full range of student performance, including the performance of high and low performing students
  • Provide data during the academic year to inform instruction, interventions and professional development
  • Provide data for accountability, including measures of growth
  • Incorporate innovative approaches throughout the system

2.  Build a pathway to college and career readiness for all students (PIC is all I have for you on that)

3.   Support educators in the classroom

  • PARCC Model Content Frameworks
  • Professional Learning Modules
  • Item and Task Prototypes
  • Partnerships Resource Center (Online warehouse for All PARCC tools and resources)
  • Professional Development Modules

4.  Develop 21st Century, technology-based assessments

  • Develop innovative tasks that engage students in the assessment process
  • Reduce paperwork, increase security, reduce shipping/receiving & storage
  • Increase access to and provision of accommodations for SWDs and ELLs
  • Make scoring more efficient by combining human and automated approaches
  • Produce timely reports of students performance throughout the year to inform instructional, interventions and professional development

5.   Advance Accountability at all levels

  • School and district effectiveness
  • Educator effectiveness
  • Student placement into college-credit bearing courses
  • Comparisons with other state and international benchmarks

6.   Build an assessment that is sustainable and affordable.

I hope to be actively tweeting via @dgburris and under the #edchat and #ccchat tages.  At the close of each day, I hope to provide a summary of the big takeaways and some reflections on what I am learning about PARCC, common core, next generation assessments, professional development, etc.


One comment on “State-to-State Collaboration on the Docket

  1. So glad you’re there representing us! Loving the play-by-play already.

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