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#askPARCC Twitter Town Hall 6.13.13

askPARCC Twitter Town Hall 6.13.13  with tweets  · dgburris · Storify

On June 13th PARCC hosted its second town hall meeting using the #askPARCC hashtag to organize a conversation on the PARCC math assessment.  The event was primarily hosted by Doug Sovde of Achieve (@dougsovde), the Director of PARCC Instructional Supports and Educator Engagement,.  The entire conversation can be found here-

The first three are scheduled for:

When, Topic, and Host(s)

When: Wednesday, June 5 6-7pm ET — Read the conversation here – #askPARCC Twitter Town Hall 6.5.13 

Topic: PARCC 101

Host: RI Education Commissioner Deborah Gist (@deborahgist)

When: Thursday, June 13  6-7pm ET — Read the conversation here –

Topic: PARCC Mathematics

Host(s): Doug Sovde, Director, PARCC Instructional Supports and Educator Engagement, Achieve (@dougsovde)

PARCC state Content Experts (TBA)

When: Thursday, June 20 6-7pm ET

Topic:  PARCC ELA/literacy

Host(s): Bonnie Hain, Senior Advisor, English Language Arts and Literacy, Achieve (@bonniehain)

PARCC State Content Expert(s) TBA



2 comments on “#askPARCC Twitter Town Hall 6.13.13

  1. Vail, Judy (Judith)
    June 14, 2013

    Darren, Are you PARCC in Mass.?

    Sent from my iPad

    • dgburris
      June 14, 2013

      I am the teacher behind the website, but PARCC in Mass. is much bigger than me!

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