PARCC in Massachusetts

One teacher's attempt to connect with other educators across Massachusetts and beyond and provide relevant, up-to-date, and sometime helpful information on next generation assessments, common core state standards implementation, and college and career ready initiatives

Educator Leader Cadres and LTF

Educator Leader Cadres

The PARCC Educator Leader Cadres (ELCs) will help each state build and expand the number of educators who understand, support and feel ownership of the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC assessments.

While states will organize a range of activities for their K-12 communities, each year, PARCC will bring together 24-member teams of K-16 educators from across PARCC states to develop expertise on the CCSS and PARCC and to help them become leaders in their states and among their peers. The meetings will be an opportunity for educators to build expertise in the CCSS and PARCC by engaging in deep analysis of the CCSS and aligned material such as the PARCC Model Content Frameworks and item prototypes.

The first meeting of the Educator Leader Cadres will occur from July 23-26, 2012 in Chicago.

More information on the ELC program can be found here.

Laying the Foundation

Through a $4.3 million contract unanimously awarded to the National Math and Science Initiative,  Laying the Foundation (LTF) is ensuring that teachers across the country successfully implement the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms and prepare more students for college and the workforce.  Over the next few years, LTF will be using its proven, peer-to-peer training model, to provide Common Core-driven, content-focused, and pedagogically-based instruction to the ELC members.  LTF will host face-to-face meetings and webinars for the educators who become part of communities of practice as they develop expertise on the Common Core State Standards and direct implementation of the standards in their states.  LTF also will facilitate an open-source learning management system to host online training and lessons open to all teachers and students in PARCC consortium states.

For more information on LTF and ELCs click here.

Massachusetts’ Educator Leader Cadre k-16

There are 24 members to the Massachusetts’ Educator Leader Cadre.  Embedded immediately below are the k-12 educators that comprise the Massachusett’s cadre and below that file are the representatives from higher education.

View this document on Scribd

From the Berkshire Region:

Charles Kaminski, Dean of Business, Science, Mathematics & Technology, Berkshire Community College

From the Central Links Region:

Garo Papazian-  Director, Pathways , Early College Innovation School, Mt.Wachusett Community College

From the Great Boston Region:

Kiruba Murugaiah- Coordinator of Developmental Mathematics, Bunker Hill Community College

From the Northeast Region:

Christine Shaw- Executive Director Northeast Readiness Center

From the Pioneer Valley Region:

Andrew Churchill- Executive Director Pioneer Valley Readiness Center; Assistant Director, Center for Education Policy,

UMass Amherst School of Education

From the Southeast Region:

Anna Bradfield- Dean of Education , Bridgewater State University; Executive Director Southeast Readiness Center;

PARCC Campus Contact Bridgewater State University





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